Video Upload Rules & Regulations

1. Firstly

Today starting with 「niconico」 there are numerous websites that users can upload video for many people to view.
When uploading videos to these websites there are rules that are set in place that users must follow. By following the set rules it eliminates most problems for users.
When a video is uploaded that does not follow rules, it creates a opportunity to violate privacy rights.
When this violation occurs, the person that was violated could become victimized, and the owner/upload of the video will take responsibility.
By being aware and following the rules, users must check their uploading video is not violating any rights or policy.
There are many policies and rights that are in place, by being aware it will be easier to use various video uploading websites without violations.

This guideline is created for users without professional backgrounds on copyrights to be able to use 「niconico」without violation. Users can find basic information here. Please be aware that there may be sections explained without using proper law terms.