Video Upload Rules & Regulations

6. Examples of violations

The above states the major policies that has to be followed when uploading video to a website. Please be aware of policy, copyright and privacy violations.
There may be more then one policy depending on the video. Please be aware for those circumstances you will have to obtain permission from multiple places and or people.
To be able to use video uploading websites properly, please follow the rules so that there are no violations on videos.

  • • Uploaded video using footage from software (DVD, etc.)
  • • Uploaded video using footage from saved TV program.
  • • Uploaded video using footage from a video game play.
  • • Uploaded video that was uploaded on other websites and or blogs.
  • • Uploaded video using footage from a video camera that recorded a movie still in theaters.
  • • Recorded singing at Karaoke, then created a original video and uploaded the video.
  • • Went to different school festivals and recorded live bands and school designs, then uploaded the video.
  • • Created a original video using music purchased from a store, and then uploaded the video.
  • • Using footage with people's faces (with proper permission) and uploaded the video.
  • • Uploaded a video containing personal information.
  • • Uploaded a video that exposed a person's lifestyle that lead to privacy right violations.
  • • Uploaded a video that harmed reputation or character.
  • • Uploaded a video containing footage that was recorded at a concert.