Video Upload Rules & Regulations

2. Violation of copyrights

Copyrights are in place to protect a person's ideas, and emotions that was expressed in a form of work. This is called 「copyrighted work」. Individuals with copyrighted work can control how their work is used and protected by law. There are many forms of work (such as video, music, art, pictures, short stories etc.)
When you upload a video to a website there are always issues with copyrights. Please be aware of content that has internet uploading rights. Violations of these kind of rights could be punished by law, and or result in fines.
When uploading video to a website, make sure that you have checked the content to see if any rights were violated. Images or content produced by TV stations or purchased DVD's, purchased music and music videos, as well as video, art images that are on online have copyrights. It does not matter if it was created by an amateur or professional. For instance if you went to karaoke and recorded yourself singing the song, and created a video, as a general rule you will need to obtain permission to upload the video.
There are many policies and rights that are in place, and is strongly encouraged not to violate any rights. It is very important to check the video content for any rights violations and use the video uploading websites responsibly.

Checklist when uploading videos

  • Is your video an original creation?
  • Did you get the necessary consent from the copyright holder for the copyrighted material that you are uploading?