Action Guidelines

1. Niconico is a platform that enables anyone to freely engage in expressive activities.

Niconico is a service that enables its users to freely release content on the Internet in various forms, such as video, live broadcast, and blomaga, and also enables viewers of the content to leave comments.
It serves as a place where anyone can equally express his or her thoughts and release works regardless of his or her race, gender, age, organization, past personal history, or the like.
Niconico will impose only minimum restrictions on what is expressed by users.
We hope that it will result in the creation of many wonderful works, the deepening of discussions on specific themes, and further development of the culture unique to the Internet.
All niconico users shall understand the above statements and agree to all of the sections 1 through 5 of these guidelines before using the service.

2. Those who use niconico shall mutually respect users’ autonomy and resolve problems between the parties concerned.

Those who release content on niconico shall have the rights to, and responsibility for, the content.
They must mutually acknowledge their rights and responsibilities and respect users’ autonomy.
Accordingly, as a general rule, if content released by a user hurts someone, infringes a right, or causes other problems, the issue shall be resolved between the parties concerned.

3. Freedom of expression through content is not unlimited.

As stated in the previous section, if a problem arises from the released content, it shall be resolved, as a general rule, between the parties concerned and niconico will impose only minimum restrictions on expression. However, in some cases, niconico may not allow the content to be posted.
In particular, content that falls under any of the examples below may be deleted at niconico’s discretion.

<Crimes or Illegal Acts>


<Acts that Infringe Another Person’s Rights>


<Content Contrary to Public Order or Morality>


<Other Content Deemed Inappropriate by niconico>

4. Interfering with another person’s expression is not allowed.

Niconico has a very unique and diverse commenting culture where users, by making comments on content, share their feelings or express their respect and love for the persons who released the content, or enliven the mood by making a barrage of comments.
Commenting is the greatest characteristic of niconico, and niconico intends to preserve this culture.
On the other hand, situations where comments interfere with another person’s freedom to express themselves or intimidate those who express themselves must be prevented.
Niconico may, at its discretion, delete comments that fall under any of the following examples to protect the freedom of expression of persons who post content, if the person who released the relevant content and people who enjoy the content are not pleased with those comments.

<Comments Constituting Crimes or Illegal Acts>


<Comments that Infringe Another Person’s Rights>


<Comments Contrary to Public Order or Morality>


<Comments that Hurt the Person who Released the Relevant Content and Users (Viewers) who Support such Content>


<Comments that Divulge or Spread Personal Information>


<Comments by which a Group of People Puts Pressure on Those who Express Themselves>


<Other Comments Deemed Inappropriate by niconico>

5. It is recommended that users do not have excessive expectations of responses by the niconico operator.

Niconico will help users to engage in various expressive activities, and take countermeasures against inappropriate content and comments by establishing a special operational structure.
However, a guarantee cannot be provided that the niconico operator will review and make decisions on “all” of the vast amount of content and comments posted on a daily basis.
Failure to delete content or comments that are unpleasant or inappropriate for you does not mean that the niconico operator accepts them.
Even if a complaint is received by the niconico operator with respect to content, they may withhold a decision or decide “not to make any decision” depending on the circumstances, such as in the following cases: there are no clear grounds for illegality; there is not sufficient information to decide that the content is contrary to public order or morality; where copyright or any other intellectual property right has been infringed and the niconico operator cannot verify that a claim has been filed by a person who suffered damage, or it is unclear that damage was suffered; or it is preferable that the parties concerned resolve the issue.

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