Nico Help

What happens when deactivating my account?

When you deactivate your account, some information will remain visible on Niconico and some will be deleted. If you want any additional content deleted, you will need to delete it before you cancel your account.

■Data that will remain

  • ・Comments added to Video, Images, or Nico Commons
  • ・Information in your Nico Calendar
  • ・Your Comments
  • ・Your Nico Report
  • ・Your viewed videos, number of comments, and number of My Lists
  • ・Number of members in your communities
  • ・Stamp Ranking (may be displayed for a short period after deactivating your account)
  • ・Stamp Page (deactivating your account will remove your nickname and link to your profile from the page)

■Data that will be deleted or be hidden

  • ・Profile Page ( ID)
  • ・Nicopal info (page info will also be deleted)
  • ・My List / Quicklist information (friend pages will also be deleted)
  • ・My List comments
  • ・Any communities you possess ownership of will be deleted after 30 days.
    Note that you cannot transfer ownership after cancelling your account. Be sure to transfer ownership before deactivating your account.
  • ・Channel favorites (you will need to unsubscribe from paid channels first)
  • ・Unused paid contents such as Niconico Points